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We're absolutely committed to providing our customers with a reliable carpet cleaning London service, and our reviews bear out the success we've had in achieving our stated aim. With every job we complete, we're sure to check that you - our customers - have been completely satisfied with the service, and with the results that we've left you with. 

Check out how well it has gone down with our clients:

Though the cleaner has had some trouble parking near my flat and was about 10 minutes late, I am still quite happy with the quick and professional cleaning service he provided. My carpet had a couple of distinct and ugly stains, but he took extra care to treat them before deep cleaning the entire carpet.
After reading an article about the mites and horrible stuff which lives in our beds, I immediately found this cleaning company and booked its professional mattress cleaning services. Booking was quick and the cleaning service provided too was quick but efficient. The cleaner used a special UV lamp to kill all harmful germs and other things from all beds in the house. It took less than an hour and cost almost nothing, but now I can sleep better, knowing that my bed isn’t filled with nasty living things!
Called them a week ago, because my carpet was far too filthy - drawing paint from my children, wine spills and so on. I coudln't stand it no more. On the phone they told me they offer same day cleaning appointment and indeed they arrived at my home three hours after I've called them. The technicians were polite and removed all nasty stains off my carpet. They even deodorized the entire room and gave me some instructions of how to preserve my carpet. I will hire them again.
A friend of mine recommended me those lads to help get rid of the nasty poop stains my dog left on my new Persian rug. The cleaning technicians arrived quickly and after a short inspection they continued with removing Ricky's art (my dog). They were able to fully remove the poop stains and smell. My rug has now no sign of contamination whatsoever. The booking was quick and the price reasonable. I'm happy with the service provided.
I was moving out and needed a professional cleaning provider to fully clean the apartment I was renting. I checked several companies and then stumbled upon OK Carpet Cleaning. The prices were reasonable and they claimed they knew how to clean an apartment so that the landlord would refund the entire deposit. And they did deliver great results - the whole place was shining as it was newly built. Finally, I did recover my whole deposit. I wholeheartedly recommend Dynamic Clean!
I'm not very pleased with how they cleaned my mattress - there are still some stains remaining on the left side. When I asked them why they neglected those spots, they replied "those are too old and cannot be removed". I asked them to try harder. One of the cleaners made a grimy face and tried again, but the result was the same. I then told them to change the detergents they were using, but they responded that they know better and started packing their gear. I will never call them again.
I used their services once, because I needed a suede sofa cleaning. Although they advertised emergency appointments, I had to wait almost two hours until they show up at my door. They discussed my sofa's condition and started with the treatment. The final result was good - they managed to remove some of the old greasy stains and recovered much of the original colors of my sofa. I'll probably call them again...
We hired Dynamic Clean to clean our office premises almost three years ago. So far we had almost no complains (except one or two case with certain ex-employees of theirs, that did not perform as expected) and they have been providing quite a good service - desks, office furniture, common spaces, restrooms...all that is being well sanitzed and maintained. We will continue using their services.

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